Commit 01cbb65d authored by PoroCYon's avatar PoroCYon
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move 4klang stuff to separate folder, add fr_public submodule

parent 1f3cc37d
[submodule "v2/fr_public"]
path = v2/fr_public
url =
......@@ -3,14 +3,16 @@ SED ?= sed
AWK ?= awk
NASM ?= nasm
MUSDIR ?= mus
default: all
mkdir -p "$@"
obj/4klang.%: mus/4klang.% xlatsection.awk obj/
obj/4klang.%: $(MUSDIR)/4klang.% xlatsection.awk obj/
$(AWK) -f "xlatsection.awk" "$<" > "$@"
obj/4klang.h: mus/4klang.h obj/
obj/4klang.h: $(MUSDIR)/4klang.h obj/
$(SED) -E 's/extern "C"/EXTERN_C/' "$<" > "$@"
obj/4klang.o: obj/4klang.asm obj/
Subproject commit 8c8f82c2ae01133370e649bbc05916e7aceecadd
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