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[submodule "v2/fr_public"]
path = v2/fr_public
url =
[submodule "oidos/oidos"]
path = oidos/oidos
url =
# Linux templates for PC intro synths
Small template code to get 4klang and V2 running on Linux :)
Small template code to get 4klang, Oidos and V2 running on Linux :)
Quickly hacked together by PoroCYon.
......@@ -22,6 +22,12 @@ Hugs to Alkama and noby for providing 4klang test tracks!
2. Run `make`
3. Run `bin/runner`
#### Oidos
1. Put the `.xrns` files in the `mus` folder.
2. Run `make`
3. Run `bin/play-<songname> | aplay`
#### V2
1. Put the exported `.v2m` files in the `mus` folder.
NASM ?= nasm
NASMFLAGS := -DLINUX -felf32 -I obj -I oidos/player/
default: all
mkdir -p "$@"
obj/%.xrns.asm: mus/%.xrns obj/
oidos/convert/ "$<" "$@"
obj/play.o: oidos/player/play.c obj/
$(CC) -m32 -c -o "$@" "$<"
obj/random.o: oidos/player/random.asm obj/
$(NASM) $(NASMFLAGS) -o "$@" "$<"
obj/%.xrns.o: obj/%.xrns.asm oidos/player/oidos.asm
cp "$<" "obj/music.asm"
$(NASM) $(NASMFLAGS) -o "$@" oidos/player/oidos.asm
$(RM) "obj/music.asm"
bin/play-%: obj/play.o obj/random.o obj/%.xrns.o bin/
$(CC) -m32 -o "$@" $(filter-out bin/,$^)
INFILES := $(wildcard mus/*.xrns)
OUTFILES := $(patsubst mus/%.xrns,bin/play-%,$(INFILES))
all: $(OUTFILES)
$(RM) -rv obj/
.PHONY: default all clean
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