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add v2 stuff

parent 01cbb65d
NASM ?= nasm
default: all
mkdir -p "$@"
obj/lplayer.o: src/lplayer.cpp obj/
$(CXX) -g -m32 -o "$@" -c "$<" -I libv2
obj/v2mplayer.o: libv2/v2mplayer.cpp obj/
$(CXX) -g -m32 -o "$@" -c "$<" -I libv2
obj/synth.o: libv2/synth.asm obj/
$(NASM) -g -f elf32 -o "$@" "$<"
obj/v2m-%.asm: mus/%.v2m obj/
printf "global theTune\ntheTune:\nincbin \"%s\"\n" "$<" > "$@"
obj/v2m-%.o: obj/v2m-%.asm
$(NASM) -g -f elf32 -o "$@" "$<"
bin/lplayer-%: obj/lplayer.o obj/synth.o obj/v2mplayer.o obj/v2m-%.o bin/
$(CXX) -g -m32 -o "$@" $(filter-out bin/,$^)
all: $(patsubst mus/%.v2m,bin/lplayer-%,$(wildcard mus/*.v2m))
echo $^
$(RM) -vr obj/ bin/
.PHONY: all clean default
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Subproject commit c59154914a3e5b7eba0d3328c9bcb370ce1715ad
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#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include "v2mplayer.h"
#include "synth.h"
/*#include "libv2.h"*/
extern "C" const uint8_t theTune[];
#define BUFFERLEN (8192) /* arbitrary */
static V2MPlayer player;
static sF32 output_buffer[BUFFERLEN*8];
int main() {
while (player.IsPlaying()) {
player.Render(output_buffer, 64, sFALSE);
write(STDOUT_FILENO, output_buffer, 64*8);
return 0;
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