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......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ REM ### cf. https://stackoverflow.com/a/23476347
for /f "tokens=2 delims==" %%a in ('wmic OS Get localdatetime /value') do set "dt=%%a"
set "YY=%dt:~2,2%" & set "YYYY=%dt:~0,4%" & set "MM=%dt:~4,2%" & set "DD=%dt:~6,2%"
set "HH=%dt:~8,2%" & set "Min=%dt:~10,2%" & set "Sec=%dt:~12,2%"
copy shader.glsl X:\MyShaderBackups\%YYYY%%MM%%DD%-%HH%%Min%%Sec%.glsl
copy %1 X:\MyShaderBackups\%YYYY%%MM%%DD%-%HH%%Min%%Sec%.glsl
This will copy the shader timestamped into a specified folder.
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