Commit 9c50b5fb authored by Cameron Armstrong's avatar Cameron Armstrong Committed by Gargaj
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Additional GLSL Syntax Highlighting (#44)

* Added syntax highlighting for mat2, mat3, mat4 and int datatypes

* Added bool data type for syntax highlighting
parent 89176d8d
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ const char * shaderType =
"centroid flat smooth noperspective layout patch sample "
"subroutine lowp mediump highp precision "
"void float vec2 vec3 vec4 bvec2 bvec3 bvec4 ivec2 ivec3 ivec4 "
"mat2 mat3 mat4 int bool "
"uvec2 uvec3 uvec4 dvec2 dvec3 dvec4 "
"sampler1D sampler2D sampler3D isampler2D isampler1D isampler3D "
"usampler1D usampler2D usampler3D "
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