Commit 3352350b authored by lunasorcery's avatar lunasorcery
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actually generate the favicon

parent 78c94fef
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ if not os.path.exists('gen/favicon.ico'):
for size in faviconSizes:
os.system(f"inkscape -w {size} -h {size} -o gen/favicon-{size}.png favicon.svg")
faviconPngs = [f"gen/favicon-{size}.png" for size in faviconSizes]
print(f"convert {' '.join(faviconPngs)} gen/favicon.ico")
os.system(f"convert {' '.join(faviconPngs)} gen/favicon.ico")
for faviconPng in faviconPngs:
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