Commit 90e8b926 authored by lunasorcery's avatar lunasorcery
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tweak imagemagick commandline for better windows compatibility

parent 4739b76b
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ if not os.path.exists('gen/favicon.ico'):
for size in faviconSizes:
os.system(f"inkscape -w {size} -h {size} -o gen/favicon-{size}.png icons/favicon.svg")
faviconPngs = [f"gen/favicon-{size}.png" for size in faviconSizes]
os.system(f"convert {' '.join(faviconPngs)} gen/favicon.ico")
os.system(f"magick convert {' '.join(faviconPngs)} gen/favicon.ico")
for faviconPng in faviconPngs:
......@@ -130,19 +130,19 @@ for idx,prod in enumerate(prods):
#shutil.copyfile(src_jpg, dst_jpg)
# actually, let's make sure it's progressive
os.system(f"convert -interlace Plane -quality 95 {src_jpg} {dst_jpg}")
os.system(f"magick convert -interlace Plane -quality 95 {src_jpg} {dst_jpg}")
prods[idx]['image_url'] = f"img/{slug}.jpg"
# if we've made it bigger, ditch the quality=95 flag
if os.path.getsize(dst_jpg) > os.path.getsize(src_jpg):
os.system(f"convert -interlace Plane {src_jpg} {dst_jpg}")
os.system(f"magick convert -interlace Plane {src_jpg} {dst_jpg}")
print(f" src_jpg: {os.path.getsize(src_jpg): 10,}b")
print(f" dst_jpg: {os.path.getsize(dst_jpg): 10,}b")
elif os.path.exists(src_png):
# if the source is a png, resave it as a jpg
os.system(f"convert -interlace Plane -quality 95 {src_png} {dst_jpg}")
os.system(f"magick convert -interlace Plane -quality 95 {src_png} {dst_jpg}")
# ...and use the smaller one
print(f" src_png: {os.path.getsize(src_png): 10,}b")
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