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this is the nfo file but easier to read
Cenotaph for Soda is a demo for 64-bit linux with nvidia graphics cards. Should work out of the box on Ubuntu 16.04
This is my first release at a party. Hope you like it {^wvw^}
Tools/Langs: GLSL, Assembly, C, GZip, Zopfli KrzYmod, Cairo, ctrl-alt-tests shader minifier, fishypack (TBR)
- Kernel version >=3.17
- Presence of /bin/zcat
- Nvidia graphics card
- Proprietary drivers
- OpenGL version >=4.5.0
- 1920x1080 video mode
- libGL, libX11, libXrandr, libcairo
- "FreeSans", "FreeSerif", and "URW Chancery L" fonts (available by default on ubuntu)
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│ a simple 198-byte packer for 64-bit linux that I made. │
│ After the compo I intend to tidy it up and open source │
│ it so all the linux sceners out there can use it too!! │
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