Commit f6fe7818 authored by blackle's avatar blackle
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New todo!

parent 9dedffa9
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ main : main.c shader.h Makefile
main_packed : main ../packer/header Makefile
gzip --no-name -9 -c main | wc -c
zopfli --gzip --i1000 -c main > main.gz
zopfli --gzip --i100000 -c main > main.gz
wc -c main.gz
cat ../packer/header main.gz > main_packed
chmod +x main_packed
[x] clean up the code
[x] set 1920x1080 video mode
[ ] backup, less-than-slick bash header packer that extracts to tmp or somesuch
[x] make the escape key be the only thing that quits.
[!] and it must quit at any time (within reason, nixed for difficulty)
[!] fake antialias with sdf trickery? (nixed)
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