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# Oidos release history
- 2017-04-28: **2.1.0**
- Fixed some float constants in [`oidos.asm`](player/oidos.asm) so it
assembles in an old `nasm`.
- *SSE2* version of the additive core, so the synth works on CPUs without
*AVX* support.
- Changed library type to `cdylib` to avoid including unused **Rust** code.
- VSTs available for **Windows**, **Linux** and **MacOS**.
- **Windows** VSTs no longer depend on MSVC runtime DLLs.
- Enhancements to converter text output, with colors if your terminal
supports *ANSI escape codes*.
- 2017-04-10: **2.0.0**
- First public release
......@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ cp examples/Songs/Punqtured-4k-Fntstc.xrns $DIST/easy_exe/music.xrns
mkdir -p $DIST/easy_exe/temp
cp -R easy_exe/tools $DIST/easy_exe/
# Copy readme and license
# Copy readme, history and license
cp $DIST/
cp $DIST/
cp $DIST/
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