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add easy_elf script, update to reflect previous updates

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../convert/ music.xrns music.asm && \
nasm -felf32 -I ../player/ ../player/oidos.asm -o oidos.o && \
nasm -felf32 -I ../player/ ../player/random.asm -o random.o && \
cc -m32 ../player/play.c -o play.o && \
cc -m32 -o dump_wav oidos.o random.o play.o && \
rm -fv oidos.o random.o play.o music.asm
This setup is for easily building an executable version of a piece of music
created using Oidos.
Proceed as follows:
1. Place your music here, named music.xrns.
2. Edit the music.txt file to contain the text you would like the executable
to print at startup.
3. Edit the wav_filename.txt file to contain the filename (without trailing
newline!) to which the wav writer executable shall write the music.
5. Run to get the executable which writes the music in WAV format to
the file specified in wav_filename.txt.
If no executables appear, the script encountered an error along the way.
Consult the output window text for details.
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ cp player/oidos.asm $DIST/player/
cp player/oidos.h $DIST/player/
cp player/ $DIST/player/
cp player/play.asm $DIST/player/
cp player/play.c $DIST/player/
cp player/random.asm $DIST/player/
# Copy examples
......@@ -54,6 +55,14 @@ cp examples/Songs/Punqtured-4k-Fntstc.xrns $DIST/easy_exe/music.xrns
mkdir -p $DIST/easy_exe/temp
cp -R easy_exe/tools $DIST/easy_exe/
# Copy easy_elf
mkdir -p $DIST/easy_elf
cp easy_elf/build.bat $DIST/easy_elf/
cp easy_elf/*.txt $DIST/easy_elf/
cp examples/Songs/Punqtured-4k-Fntstc.xrns $DIST/easy_elf/music.xrns
mkdir -p $DIST/easy_elf/temp
cp -R easy_elf/tools $DIST/easy_elf/
# Copy readme, history and license
cp $DIST/
cp $DIST/
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