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Setup for easy exe creation

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del /q temp\*
del music.exe
del music_wav.exe
..\convert\OidosConvert.exe music.xrns temp\music.asm
copy ..\player\oidos.asm temp
copy ..\player\random.asm temp
copy ..\player\ temp
copy ..\player\play.asm temp
copy music.txt temp
copy wav_filename.txt temp
cd temp
..\tools\nasmw -f win32 oidos.asm -o oidos.obj
..\tools\nasmw -f win32 random.asm -o random.obj
..\tools\nasmw -f win32 play.asm -o play.obj
..\tools\nasmw -f win32 -dWRITE_WAV play.asm -o play_wav.obj
cd ..
tools\crinkler20\crinkler temp\oidos.obj temp\random.obj temp\play.obj /OUT:music.exe /ENTRY:main tools\kernel32.lib tools\user32.lib tools\winmm.lib tools\msvcrt_old.lib @crinkler_options.txt
tools\crinkler20\crinkler temp\oidos.obj temp\random.obj temp\play_wav.obj /OUT:music_wav.exe /ENTRY:main tools\kernel32.lib tools\user32.lib tools\winmm.lib tools\msvcrt_old.lib @crinkler_options.txt
Music composed using 4k synth "Oidos" by Blueberry / Loonies
Generating music...
This setup is for easily building an executable version of a piece of music
created using Oidos.
Proceed as follows:
1. Place your music here, named music.xrns.
2. Edit the music.txt file to contain the text you would like the executable
to print at startup.
3. Edit the wav_filename.txt file to contain the filename (without trailing
newline!) to which the wav writer executable shall write the music.
4. Optionally modify the Crinkler options in crinkler_options.txt
(read the Crinkler manual for details).
5. Run build.bat to get two executables: music.exe, which plays the music,
and music_wav.exe, which writes the music in WAV format to the file
specified in wav_filename.txt, and then plays it.
If no executables appear, the script encountered an error along the way.
Consult the output window text for details.
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -108,7 +108,8 @@ wavformat:
section wname rdata align=1
db "music.wav",0
incbin "wav_filename.txt"
db 0
section wb rdata align=1
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