Commit f48ca2ca authored by Aske Simon Christensen's avatar Aske Simon Christensen
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Adjust test to safe API

parent 8d7c6b49
......@@ -47,11 +47,12 @@ fn test_oidos_plugin() {
let mut plugin = OidosPlugin::default();
let nump = plugin.get_info().parameters;
let params = plugin.get_parameter_object();
let mut r = thread_rng();
for _it in 0..100 {
for _p in 0..r.gen_range(0, 2) {
plugin.set_parameter(r.gen_range(0, nump), r.gen_range(0f32, 1f32));
params.set_parameter(r.gen_range(0, nump), r.gen_range(0f32, 1f32));
let block_size: usize = r.gen_range(100, 200);
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