Commit 0f5f99f3 authored by Erik Faye-Lund's avatar Erik Faye-Lund
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remove redundant MIN/MAX macro defines

MIN(x,y) and MAX(x,y) are already defined in
pimp_base.h, and the define-guard did thus not
define these macros at all.
Signed-off-by: default avatarErik Faye-Lund <>
parent 2b0dbfae
......@@ -642,13 +642,6 @@ static void pimp_mod_context_update_tick(struct pimp_mod_context *ctx)
#ifndef MAX
#define MAX(x, y) ((x) > (y) ? (x) : (y))
#ifndef MIN
#define MIN(x, y) ((x) > (y) ? (y) : (x))
void pimp_render(struct pimp_mod_context *ctx, s8 *buf, u32 samples)
while (TRUE)
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