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moved example to separate folder.

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......@@ -42,12 +42,16 @@ OBJS = \
src/mixer.iwram.o \
.PHONY: all clean converter
example/example.o \
.PHONY: all clean
all: bin/example.gba
$(RM) bin/example.elf bin/example.gba example.o sample.o $(OBJS) lib/libpimpmobile.a *~ src/*~ include/*~
$(RM) bin/example.elf bin/example.gba $(EXAMPLE_OBJS) $(OBJS) lib/libpimpmobile.a *~ src/*~ include/*~
run: bin/example.gba
$(GBAEMU) bin/example.gba
......@@ -59,11 +63,11 @@ debug: example.elf
bin/converter: converter/converter.cpp converter/converter_xm.cpp converter/converter_s3m.cpp converter/converter_mod.cpp converter/converter.h
g++ converter/converter.cpp converter/converter_xm.cpp converter/converter_s3m.cpp converter/converter_mod.cpp -o bin/converter
bin/lut_gen: lut_gen.cpp
bin/lut_gen: lut_gen.cpp src/config.h
g++ lut_gen.cpp -o bin/lut_gen
bin/example.gba: converter
bin/example.elf: example.o sample.o lib/libpimpmobile.a
bin/example.elf: $(EXAMPLE_OBJS) lib/libpimpmobile.a
lib/libpimpmobile.a: $(OBJS)
.section .rodata
.macro datafile symbol, filename
.global \symbol
.incbin "\filename"
datafile sample, example/sample.raw
.global sample_end
......@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@
#include <stdio.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include "include/pimpmobile.h"
#include "src/mixer.h"
#include "../include/pimpmobile.h"
#include "../src/mixer.h"
extern const u8 sample[];
extern const u8 sample_end[];
This diff is collapsed.
#ifndef _CONFIG_H_
#define _CONFIG_H_
#define CHANNELS 32
#define SAMPLERATE 18157
#endif /* _CONFIG_H_ */
#ifndef _INTERNAL_H_
#define _INTERNAL_H_
#include "config.h"
typedef struct
unsigned int length;
unsigned int loop_start;
unsigned int loop_length;
unsigned char volume;
signed char finetune;
unsigned char type;
unsigned char pan;
signed char rel_note;
} pimp_sample_t;
typedef struct
} pimp_pattern_entry_t;
typedef struct
} pimp_module_t;
typedef struct
u8 note;
u8 effect;
u8 effect_param;
s32 period; // signed so we can check for underfow.
s32 porta_speed; // signed so we can check for underfow.
} pimp_channel_t;
typedef enum
EFF_NONE = 0x00,
EFF_PORTA_UP = 0x01,
} pimp_effect_t;
(0..F for the effect byte are the usual hex values,
the values continue naturally upwards with G,H,I...)
0xx: no effect at all (warning: MOD/XM uses effect byte 0 for
arpeggio; they need to be remapped to effect 24)
1xx: porta up
2xx: porta down
3xx: tone porta
4xy: vibrato: x=rate, y=depth
5xx: tone porta + volume-slide (command byte is for slide, the tone porta
is remembered)
6xx: vibrato + volume-slide (comamnd byte is for slide, the vibrato
is remembered)
7xy: tremolo: x=rate, y=depth
8xx: set panning position (8xx is strictly speaking ignored in Protracker
MOD files, but we are going to obey it anyway)
9xx: set sample offset (obeyed only together with new note)
Axx: volume slide command. The command byte follows the format
of the ST3 volume command Dxx, implying that for MOD/XM,
we must restore the volume byte to a valid value
Bxx: jump to order (for MOD/S3M/XM but not IT, we must convert
this value from BCD to binary when loading pattern)
Cxx: set volume
Dxx: pattern break
Exy: MultiFX: x = effect selector: values of x:
0x: Amiga filter on/off (ignored; according to everybody, it sucks)
1x: fine porta up
2x: fine porta down
3x: glissando control (0=off, 1=on)
4x: set vibrato waveform/control:
0=sine, 1=ramp-down, 2=square, 3=random
+4: vibrato waveform position is not reset on new-note
5x: set fine-tune for note
6x: pattern loop command (x=0 marks start of loop,
x != 0 marks end of loop, with x=loop iterations to apply)
7x: set tremolo control (same syntax as vibrato control)
8x: normally unused; Digitrakker uses this command
to control the looping mode of the currently-playing sample
(0=off, 1=forward, 3=pingpong)
9x: retrig note
Ax: fine volume slide up
Bx: fine volume slide down
Cx: note cut after x ticks
Dx: note delay by x ticks
Ex: pattern delay by x frames
Fx: FunkInvert (does anyone actually have an idea what this does?)
Fxx: set tempo/speed (00-1F: set tempo, 20-FF: set BPM)
Gxx: set global volume (00..40)
Hxy: global volume slide command
Kxx: note key-off after xx ticks (not really documented)
Lxx: set envelope position (# of ticks)
Pxy: panning slide (x=left slide, y=right slide)
Rxy: multi retrig note:
x=volume modifier per retrig
0=none 8="unused"
1=-1 9=+1
2=-2 A=+2
3=-4 B=+4
4=-8 C=+8
5=-16 D=+16
6=*2/3 E=*3/2
7=*1/2 F=*2
y=ticks per retrig
Txy: Tremor x=on-time, y=off-time (+1 for S3M, +2 for XM)
Xxy: Multi command again, for values of X:
1y: extra fine portamento up
2y: extra fine portamento down
-- following effect bytes are given in hex.
24xx: arpeggio (0=remembers previous value)
25xx: set tempo (not limited to range 0..1F unlike effect Fxx)
26xx: set BPM (not limited to range 20..FF unlike effect Fxx)
27xx: set channel volume (impulse-tracker)
28xx: slide channel volume (impulse-tracker)
29xx: panning vibrato (impulse-tracker)
2Axx: fine vibrato
2Bxy: multi-effect (impulse-tracker only)
5x: panning vibrato waveform( sane as vibrato/tremolo waveform)
70: past note cut
71: past note off
72: past note fade
73: set NNA to note cut
74: set NNA to continue
75: set NNA to note-off
76: set NNA to note-fade
77: turn off volume envelope
78: turn on volume envelope
79: turn off panning envelope
7A: turn on panning envelope
7B: turn off pitch envelope
7C: turn on pitch envelope
91: "set surround sound" ???
#endif /* _INTERNAL_H_ */
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