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add an option for vfork(2) support

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......@@ -20,8 +20,7 @@ but even smaller. It doesn't have a 64-bit version, though.**
| Min. platform | Linux 3.19 | Linux 2.27 | Linux 2.27 | Most Unices |
| Touches filesystem | N | N | N | Y |
\*: with compatibility for systems where `/bin` isn't symlinked to `/usr/bin`
(or the other way around).
\*: with `NO_UBUNTU_COMPAT` **dis**abled.
The exact size of a shell-based unpacker depends on the exact impmelentation,
many variations exist. 'xz' means the usage of `xzcat` instead of `zcat`,
......@@ -36,16 +35,37 @@ kernel is 64-bit and supports the 32-bit emulation layer.
## Usage
nasm -fbin -o$out vondehi.asm [-DUSE_GZIP] [-DTAG="j0!"] [-DNO_UBUNTU_COMPAT]
nasm -fbin -o$out vondehi.asm [-DUSE_GZIP] [-DTAG="j0!"] [-DNO_UBUNTU_COMPAT] \
cat $out $intro_compressed > $final
By default, `xz` is used. A tag can be supplied to include a vanity string
in the unpacker itself, right before the data.
### Settings
* `USE_GZIP` (default off): use `gzip` (`/bin/zcat`) instead of `xz`
* `NO_UBUNTU_COMPAT` (default off): assume `/bin` is the same as `/usr/bin`.
Originally named like this because on my machine, `/bin` is linked t
`/usr/bin`, but on the Revision compomachine (which runs Ubuntu), it isn't.
* `USE_VFORK` (default off): use `vfork(2)` instead of `fork(2)`. I hope you
know what you're doing when you enable this.
* `TAG` (default empty): add a vanity tag right before the compressed data.
Only use this when you have bytes to spare, of course.
## How to debug it if it doesn't work
1. `strace` it
2. See where errors start happening
* This can be obscured because the code assumes eg. syscall return values to
be between `0` and `255`, so later syscalls might fail, or nonsense
syscalls might be invoked.
3. Fix it. Somehow.
## Greets to
* Blackle, for the original Fishypack
* Blackle, for the original Fishypack, and for replacing the `waitid(2)` call
with `waitpid(2)`, fixing compatibility with some kernels and shaving off a
few bytes at once!
* Shiz, for other packing/unpacking and x86-related stuff
* Faemiyah, yx, etc., for small sh-based unpackers (yx: nice trick with
the script partially embedded in the gzip file!)
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
%define SYS_lseek 19
%define SYS_dup2 63
%define SYS_execveat 358
%define SYS_vfork 190
%define EBP_bias ((_start-ehdr)-(__strempty-__self))
......@@ -79,7 +80,11 @@ _start.2:
;dd filesize ;~p_memsz
db 5 ;~p_flags
%ifdef USE_VFORK
mov al, SYS_vfork
mov al, SYS_fork
jmp short _start.4
;dd 5 ;~p_flags
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